Thursday, August 14, 2008

Corn Bread (Jean Grady)

Flour 1 c
Baking Powder 3 1/2 tsps
Salt 1 tsp
Sugar 3 tbsps
Corn meal 1 c
Egg slightly beaten 1
Milk 1 c
Shortening, melted 1/4 c2

Mix all dry together, all wet together then stir them together just enough to moisten, don't beat. Turn into greased pan and bake at 425 about 30 mins.

For you all, (my Kentucky mother's way of talking!) I used white flour, and melted butter, doubled the recipe and baked it in the 8 inch cast iron skillet. That is the way she would make it. For Patrick and me, I use whole wheat flour, canola oil and reduce the sugar to 2 tbsps and make the recipe above (not doubled) but then bake it in a smaller pan or small loaf pan otherwise it is very thin and quite crusty. That's fine if you like it that way, I prefer it softer in the middle. The way I do it is healthier but not like the real deal! Enjoy. Patrick likes it with jam for dessert or in the morning for breakfast.

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